Reset WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

It is almost impossible to login to Admin panel using login information or reset the password via email when your site has been hacked or you have lost your login information or even are simply having technical problems. Don’t panic! This article will show how to reset your WordPress password from phpMyAdmin.

MySQL Database is common to every WordPress blog. You can access it through your phpMyAdmin. You do not need to have cPanel hosting. By following the below steps you will be able to reset your password.

Identify the Name of your database

Sometimes you may need to use Multiple WordPress Installations on one Database, so it is important to know how to reset the password. To recover or reset password, you should know the name of your WordPress database. In your root WordPress Directory, you will find wp-config.php file in which the name of your Database exists.

Locate Database & Edit the Field

Access to your MySQL database and go to the phpMyAdmin.


Find out your database name as you see it in your wp-config.php and click on that. There is a list of tables with a prefix wp_ in which you can search for the wp-users. Click on it and then go to the Browse tab. (If you changed your prefix during installation then search for that specific prefix).


Click on the Edit (Pencil icon) to reset your password.


When you edit the user_pass field value, there will be a lot of random characters in the password field. For security purposes, WordPress stores the passwords as MD5 rather than plain text. So, you are not allowed to enter plain text as the password. Use one of the MD5 generators online to generate your password. We recommend JavaScript MD5. Type your password in that tool and generate MD5 results. Copy and paste the code into your phpMyAdmin field and click Go to save changes.


This will leave with you with a brand new password.

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Reset WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

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