How to Rename the Uncategorized Category

After installation of your new WordPress account, you will find 1 default post, 1 default comment, and 1 default category.  The name of the category is Uncategorized, and it is a permanent feature. Though it is not removable, you can rename it as you wish.

It is a common mistake of the new editor not to select a category for a post. If you forget to select the category, WordPress automatically selects the Uncategorized category for that article before it is published, and it will display in the URL Structure like:


In professional and popular sight this human error will appear to be a result of carelessness or ignorance in the mind of the reader. What’s more, if you forget to select the category it will automatically save in the Uncategorized category and if you later save it again but with a category, it will now be published in two categories. To avoid this appearance, you can rename your Uncategorized category Other instead.

The Steps of Renaming:

  • Go to the WordPress Admin Panel.
  • Click on the tab POSTS > CATEGORIES.


  • Hover your mouse over the UNCATEGORIZED category and select the EDIT option.


  • Now change your category Name and slug to Other.


  • Finally, press the “Update” button.

The word Other is more professional than Uncategorized and it means that when the article does not match with any particular category, it is specified as Other. This simple step will improve the look of your blog to the average reader.

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How to Rename the Uncategorized Category

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