How to Make & Display Sticky Post in WordPress

What is a sticky post?

When you  make a post “sticky”, that means the post will always appear on your front page. If you have newer posts, they’ll go below the stick post even though they come afterwards chronologically.

Making a Sticky Post

It is not difficult to make a sticky post in WordPress.

1. Log in to your WP Admin Panel.

2. Open the Post page.

3. At the right hand sidebar you will find a Publish Box.

4. There is the “Visibility” field. Click the Edit option.

5. Check the box to make the post sticky and then publish it.

sticky post

To make an older post sticky, just edit the post and do the same and click to save.

Display Sticky Post

When you make your post sticky, it shows up above your new posts. However, you can set it up to display anywhere in your theme, it doesn’t have to be on top.

If already you have a custom page template and The Loop, paste the following code before the loop.


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How to Make & Display Sticky Post in WordPress

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