How to Create Separate RSS Feed for Each Category and Tag in WordPress

You may want to make separate RSS feeds for each category, offering different RSS Feeds for your users to visit, but you aren’t sure if that’s possible or, if so, how to do it. Well, fear not! We are here to answer your questions. Just follow this tutorial.

Take this example: if you are interested in WP-solution’s Beginners Solution Category and wish to subscribe to it, then you need to add the word feed in front of it.

The category URL is:

Now add the word “Feed” like you see below:

Through this your users will be able to know about your separate categories. Now you can create the option to subscribe to it. For this, you may ask your designers to add this option in theme so that users can subscribe to the category when they open category pages.

There is also another code by which your subscribers will be able to subscribe to separate RSS categories with having to email them, but instead just by using the following code. You can put this code on your category sidebar which will let the user to subscribe to the visited category.

Now you should change the URL to the feed image – otherwise it will show an RSS icon in your category list.

And for tag pages you have to use this if you want separate RSS feeds for each tag:

And just like that, you’ve got separate RSS feeds for each category as well as each tag in WordPress.

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How to Create Separate RSS Feed for Each Category and Tag in WordPress

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